Private Commissions



Seaforth House, Sydney 2007 
Commissioned by Kathryn Wood-Webber

All of David's private commissions involvea close working relationship with the client. In this way he is able to tease out important motifs appropriate to the surrounds, the architecture and personality of the client. All of these projects are completed within a professional structure of time schedules, and budgets.

Zandra 's Beach House   
California, 1998
Commissioned by Zandra Rhodes and Salah Hassien 

Honour Award from the American Terrazzo and Mosaic Association

Zandra 's Beach House   
California, 2000
Commissioned by Zandra Rhodes and Salah Hassien 

Melocco House
Mosman, Sydney
2 entrance lobbies in situ terrazzo
Architect Peter Melocco 1997

Minto House 1999
Marble Mosaic
Private Commission

Kids Murals 2002
Artists: David Humphries,
Ashley Taylor, Louis Pratt
Kersh Residence Vacluse

Lap Pool Sculptural Installation 2000
Artist: David Humphries
Kersh Residence Vacluse

 Redfern House
Private Residence Sydney
Architect: Robert Creed


Guest House Mt Victoria NSW
Dining Room mural 1980
Commissioned by the Beutel Family