Tech Pacific Headquarters


Tech Pacific Headquarters Rosebery Sydney
Mural Courtyard
Terrazzo art floor in Lobby
Artist: David Humphries, Louis Pratt
Architect: David Fleeting
Commissioned by Tech Pacific 1994 

The three story high mural covered two walls of an open internal courtyard in the corporate headquarters of Tech Pacific.
The brief was to make an environment of the space, visually opening it up and a creating a better view for the staff, restaurant, and offices opposite the blank walls.
David Humphries painted a mural which in a fanciful way alluded to an outdoor view of the Australian bush. Viewers could now look into the tree tops, complete with parrots and birdlife.

In the lobby Humphries' terrazzo artfloor has a galactic theme, with a Globe map that has twinkling fiber optic lights where Tech Pacific has branches. It reflects Tech Pacific's corporate identity as a telecommunications corporation.