Fashion & Textile Museum


The Fashion and TextileMuseum, London, United Kingdom
Art floors by David Humphries for the grand entrance lobby to Museum and entrance hall to apartments in Bermondsey St
Terrazzo with mosaic inserts of onyx mirrored backed glass and semi precious stones
Design collaborators: David Humphries  & Zandra Rhodes
Architect:  Ricardo Legorreta, Mexico City
Commissioned by Salah Hassanein 2000 

The museum is dedicated to outstanding fashion and textile design, which allows the individual the freedom to express their own uniqueness through costume and art.  

 Zandra Rhodes is a legend in the world of fashion and over a 40 year career she has had
many academic and professional honours bestowed upon her and was made a Commander of the British Empire by the Queen in 1997.
She founded the Museum as her permanent legacy to the British World of Fashion.

Knowing Zandra, it is not surprising to learn that Ricardo Legorreta, Mexico's most respected architect and one of the world's great colorists was the architect behind the project.

The huge fašade is burnt orange with accents of plum and, of course, Rhodes's signature, fuchsia. The entrance boasts a jewellery box of a mosaic - a starburst of glass, marble and semi-precious stones. The walls are brightest lapis. Further inside, walls of densely glowing shades from marigold to flame, punctuate a predominantly white stone interior.

Zandra and David have known each other for 30 years. They have similar backgrounds as well as similar attitudes towards work and waste - of any kind! Artistically diverse, but acclaimed, they share a ferocious working class work ethic.

By combining their broad based experiences across mediums and cultures, they have each created signature statements  which express the style and nuances of London's Fashion and TextileMuseum, Zandra's gift to the industry.

Travels to India and Australia were inspirational for Zandra in the creation of her Museum. In India, it was beaded dresses and ornamental applique fabrics, in Australia, it was the clear starry skies and earth toned open spaces. Her visit to the Public Arts Squad Studio in Sydney was a key factor for both artists, enabling David to understand Zandra's global vision for her Museum. Interpreting that vision, he created the terrazzo floors which are the Museum's entrance statement. All decorative elements were sourced world wide by the Public Art Squad Studio. The stained glass used is very rare and was originally produced in France over 50 years ago. It is no longer made.