Moomba Festival Sculptures


Moomba Inflatable Sculptural installations
In 1979 David Humphries was commissioned to design the outdoor decorations to celebrate Melbourne's 25th Moomba Festival.  

Another of David's concepts for Moomba enlivened the Yarra River with a series of life size dolphins, whales shark fins and gaping shark mouths made from plastic inflatables. These sculptures coloured an otherwise milky water way with lifelike images intended to provoke awareness about the river's ecology as well as entertainment.

They were sited on the Yarra in full view of both banks and from the PrincessBridge. They formed a centerpiece for the outdoor activity area of the festival, bobbing about, delighting young and old.

On the beautiful sunny days of the festival people jumped into the river, wrestling and playing with the inflatables, whilst thousands were happy to enjoy the spectacle from the banks or passing paddleboats.